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The Robes Project

The Robes Project is an ecumenical night shelter operating in church halls across the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth. Crossway is proud to be a part of the Robes Project and to support their valuable work with the homeless of Southwark and Lambeth.


"The Robes Project provides emergency accommodation for homeless people during the coldest months of the winter every year. A key motivator for starting the Robes Project was the realisation that there was no church-run emergency night shelter south of the Thames until Croydon. Street counts can underestimate the extent of homelessness in London. In addition, many people who become homeless are considered ‘non-priority’ to statutory services and need support to access appropriate services and find longer-term accommodation. As the months get colder, it gets all the more urgent for people to have a place to stay off the streets. The Robes Project also makes it a priority to look at the longer-term housing, employment and support needs of our homeless guests." 

How does it work?

"Each night of the week a different church provides a hot meal, a bed and shelter to thirteen guests. A team of 200 volunteers support this work – hosting, cooking, doing laundry and providing a listening ear. Fifteen churches currently host. The project is staffed by a Coordinator appointed each year who liaises between referral agencies, churches, volunteers and guests, and an Advice Worker who meets with the guests, looking to their longer-term support after their time at the Robes Project."

The above quotes are from The Robes Project website, please do have a look at it to find out more information:

Crossway usually participates in Robes from November through to January. We are continuously looking for volunteers willing to get involved in the project. Please consider prayerfully whether you may be able to volunteer at Robes this coming Winter.

Please contact the Minister on 020 7708 0294 if you wish to take part

2015 NYEThis was some of the guests sending a lantern into the night sky on New Years Eve in 2015