Crossway Church

Hope For All




There have been some exciting developments in the Elephant and Castle over the summer 2012, and the church is posed to take a very big step.

As the only freehold property owner on the Heygate Estate, Southwark Council are keen to work in partnership with the church to relocate the congregation to a building that will enable mission and ministry to flourish.  

After many years of negotiation between the council and Land Lease, a contract has been signed enabling works to begin.  Visitors will see the Strata Tower and the restructured south roundabout at the Elephant and Castle.  These and the new homes already constructed herald the start of an exciting chapter in the life of the area.

It is great to be approaching 2016 with excitement and anticipation.  At last work has physically begun on building a new church for Crossway.  The land was offered in March 2012, it took until March 2015 to get planning approval and another 8 months to agree costs with a developer.  However the work has started and is due to complete on 5th December 2016.  I suspect there will be more challenges along the way but the work no longer has to start, only finish.  There are interesting tasks ahead and choices to make on fixtures and fittings, colour schemes, signage and a host of other things.


Chaplain to a Building site

 Peter Stevenson, a Special Category Minister at Crossway United Reformed Church has been appointed Site Chaplain to the Lend Lease Elephant Park Development in South London. 

 The existing church is currently on the site but the congregation will be moving later in the year to a new building 400 meters away.

The development currently employs 500 people 

and this is due to rise to 2000 when all the phases come on stream.  The company wanted to trial a chaplaincy service to add to their wellbeing programs and approached Peter accordingly.  The chaplaincy service operates for four hours per week and has proved a great success.