Crossway Church

Hope For All

Our Vision


We propose to be a small congregation of around 30 to 40 members with an average congregation of 50 per week.  We welcome the more intimate and relational fellowship that values each person and has easy access to the church leadership.  We hope that nobody feels anonymous and there is a warm welcome to newcomers.  We celebrate the diversity of the congregation in terms of ethnicity and culture.

We aim to use the Sunday service as our priority for teaching, preaching and fellowship, recognising the limited availability of people during the week.  We will offer healing prayers at each service and develop a Friday evening service dedicated to the healing ministry.  Our services aim to be Bible based teaching with informal liturgy blending traditional and newer expressions of worship.  We are opposed to linking prosperity with blessing and accept that God alone will judge.  We will not engineer an expression of worship that gives people false hope or manipulate them.

We are privileged to own our building and believe that we must steward our resources in such a way that brings honour to God and maximises the opportunity of further the Kingdom.


To be a sensitive Church for all ages, all cultures and all ethnicities.

To welcome, engage and encourage people new to the community

To be home to other Christian groups seeking to work together to serve the neighbourhood and other communities 

The building to be used 90% between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.           (9 – 9 – 9)


Crossway United Reformed Church is committed to enhancing the welfare and wellbeing of its worshippers, building users and local neighbourhood by modelling an open and welcoming attitude to all who seek a just and fair society.  We accept that there is no hierarchy on earth (Gal 3:26) and submit ourselves to the will of God, following the example of Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit.  We will persist and persevere in worship and prayer, as we know that any challenges will enhance the end result. (Romans 5:3 – 5)