Reverend Jacob Bali was called in 2019 to be the SE1 Evangelist based at Crossway United Reformed Church, with the primary commitment of mission and evangelism. While serving the congregation of the church as an Associate Minister, Jacob has also been released to engage with the wider community in this vibrant and dynamic part of London.

Jacob’s ministry involves teaching, preaching, mission, pastoral care and outreach. This includes conducting worship, Bible studies, conferences, lectures, committees, evangelism, ecumenical work, human rights, social justice, music, engaging with culture and so forth. Jacob views discipleship as an essential aspect of his ministry and is keen to facilitate Crossway to achieve their vision for the mission of the church and to fulfil the great commission given by Jesus in the Gospels, to make disciples, baptise in God’s name, and to teach God’s Truth as given to us in the Bible.

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